Bike Sesh @ Pasir Gudang


The rain came but that did not stop the Triumph and Aprilia riders from hitting the Pasir Gudang Track. Enjoy the first bike sesh everyone!

SESH – An informal, often impromptu, get-together or meeting to perform a group activity, usually with an element of excitement. Although a sesh may or may not have a defined goal to accomplish, it generally encompasses an implicit goal of a social bonding experience.

More than seventeen riders gathered at the Pasir Gudang track just after labour day for the inaugural TRACK SESH organised by Mah Pte Ltd. Joined by local trackies from Triumph motorcycles, Aprilia Singapore and Ohlins-equipped racers from Sporting Motors Pte Ltd, the riders took the opportunity to get themselves familiar with the 3.8km long track. Some had their Ohlins suspension systems re-tuned by the specialists at Sporting Motors.

Being a tad more less formal and rigid than a full-on track day, riders were still required to be properly attired in riding jackets, boots, full-face helmets, gloves and for the longs, at least a pair of non-ripped denim jeans. The first session took the riders round the track to identify the proper cornering lines and the second session was a free-for-all enjoyment run at their own timing. The rain came soon after buffet lunch was served but that did not stop the riders from having another go in the late afternoon, before making their trip back to Singapore.

Watch out for the next track sesh!

The bike sesh is organised by Mah Pte Ltd and Sporting Motors of Singapore.


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