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Burapa Pattaya Bike Week 2015

MCA Story: Pattaya Bike Week in 2010

Pattaya Party 2010

The biggest party bash for bikers by bikers.

The 13th annual Pattaya bike party in 2010 began as many had anticipated, with a bang that is. The event, held on the 13-14 February was a very special one that year, as it collaborated with Valentine’s day and the celebration for the Chinese New Year. Organised by the Burapa Motorcycle Club (MC), the event was held at the Jomtien Sport stadium off Soi Chaiya Pruek 2 road, which has the capacity to accommodate huge crowds that came to attend the Asian ‘Sturgiss’ party.

For 2010, the slogan was ‘Love Ride For Peace’ and true to its nature, for two days, the event became a white-flag playground or neutral place for the various groups or ‘colours’ (clubs) of bikers that attended the event. Biker groups from 26 different countries flew, ride and shipped (you name it) to Pattaya to celebrate and show their support for the biggest bike party in South-East Asia that has the full support from Tourism Thailand, the police and the personal approval from Mr Kun Ronagit, the Deputy Mayor of Pattaya. Even powerhouse groups like the Hells Angels and Bandidos were there and out of respect for the event, showed truce.


The party attracted more than 40,000 attendees and registration revealed that more than 15,000 bikes were recorded. Once dubbed as one of the biggest event for bikers is now ‘the’ event for the whole of S.E Asia. The figures says it all and the presence of Americans, Britons, Australians and other Europeans countries, not to forget Asians from Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei as well as the local Thai’s from all over the province, made their pilgrimage to once again commensurate the biker ‘camaraderieship’.

Ian McDonald, representing Thunder Press from the United States, had been to the Pattaya bike week for the last seven years and according to him, it keeps getting better every year. “The first time I came here to cover the event, I was impressed by the bike culture and immediately felt like I was back in one of the bike parties in the States,” Ian said. “We have been keeping an eye out on Burapa’s progress and I’m really please to say that this year’s party is certainly well-worth the trip. Big thumbs-up to Jumeen and his Burapa boys.”


The two-day event featured activities that even non-bikers can enjoy as some took it as a family day-out. Nevertheless, the electric atmosphere, the incredible machines loved and cared for by their owners, the displays from major manufacturers like Harley-Davidson Bangkok, Yamaha, Kawasaki (to name just a few), shops, food stalls and beer tents is bound to keep the visitors busy for hours. Talked about food stalls, fried chicken seems to be the main menu as well as kebabs and other local delicacies. Furthermore, not to forget the models, dancers, fireworks, tattoo displays, stunt shows by the motad-ers and the Miss Chopper contest, it would be a big surprise if anyone could really get bored.

Two separate traditional convoys occurred during the festivities with one taking place from Hard Rock Café Pattaya on Friday and the latter from the bike week location itself. The ride took the riders around Pattaya city, Jomtien and Pattaya beach, giving the opportunity to ride alongside bikers from different countries and various groups. Thousands of bikers participated and although the festivities is open to all bike models and despite the fact that it has become pre-dominantly a H-D scene now, Japanese cruisers and superbikes, scooters, cubs and classic bikes still managed to flood Sukhumvit road with their presence.

The party began to heat up when bands started playing at the stage that seemed to suck everyone in before it was momentarily stopped for the traditional speech by Burapa president Khun Jumeen in regards to the festivities, next month’s bike week at Koh Samui by the Samui Riders MC, raising awareness for the need of safe riding attitude and the use of appropriate safety gear like helmets (for the pillions especially). It was also to celebrate the 13th anniversary for the Burapa MC and just like Woodstock, the music continued till the wee hours in the morning.

According to Jumeen, president of the Burapa MC, what began as a party to celebrate the club’s birthday each year and to have a good time soon turned into a serious project. “Our perspective changed as we saw that such parties can have certain positive effect on society, especially for the youth,” said Jumeen. “When we set good examples, they look up to us and we even work together (with governing bodies) to make Pattaya a safe haven for bikers, tourists and everyone alike.”

The Burapa Pattaya bike week is certainly not to be miss and if you did, do mark your calendar for next year. The 2300 km journey (if you are coming from Johor Bahru) is definitely a pilgrimage for bikers to make, at least once and you can come back to your coffee chat and tell your mates, who will probably be too awkward to show their envy, when you say that you just attended S.E Asia’s number one bike bash. Our MCA thumbs-up too for the Burapa MC for continuing to organise the Pattaya bike week. Till then, ride safe and see you next year in 2015 at the Land of Smiles.


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