An open letter to the LTA – The Plight of the Motorcyclist


On 4th February, the media celebrated the reduction of COE for cars with headlines and articles that focussed on the positive impact in the car industry. In at least 2 major newspapers, only 1 sentence within their articles mention the increase of motorcycle COEs. In fact, in the latest round of bidding, the price of motorcycle COEs hit a historical new high at $6312! In just 1 year, the average price of motorcycle COEs has tripled! The COE price increase is largely due to the 30% reduction of motorcycle quotas in 2014. The quotas for Febuarary till April for motorcycles were slashed about 10.1% while the quotas for small cars and commercial vehicles rose. In fact, there appears to be a conscious effort to increase car quotas while motorcycle quotas are being reduced. One can probably also argue that the car population is being allowed to increase at the expense of motorcycles which is somewhat perplexing if you consider the purpose of the COE system.

Meeting the Goal of the Quota System

A quota limit to vehicles was implemented back in 1990 to be a key pillar in Singapore’s traffic management strategy. Basically, the COE system and the Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) were implemented to control congestion in our road network. The COE system was not designed for other social purposes such as to discourage the use of certain modes of transport because they were perceived to be more dangerous. As such, it is quite baffling to see more cars encouraged in our increasingly congested streets while motorcycles that almost cause no traffic congestion are being discouraged. Between 2003 and 2013, the car population jumped from 405,328 vehicles to 621,345 vehicles, a staggering 53% increase, according to official Land Transport Authority data. In the same period, the motorcycle population only increased from 134,767 vehicles to 144,307 vehicles, a 7% increase. Based on our analysis of publicly available 2014 statistics, private cars now form 64% of the total vehicle population, while motorcycles make up 15%.

Motorcycles can help reduce congestion

Motorcycles can make a uniquely positive contribution to relieve congestion, thereby providing a solution for every Government’s traffic problem. Motorcycles occupy far less space on the road and do not contribute to traffic congestion. The use of motorcycles will substantially increase vehicle capacity on congested urban roads. Motorcycles can easily double-up in a lane or filter through congested areas. They contribute to alleviate gridlocks on high volume roads. In congested areas, motorcycles take approximately 16 to 48 % less time to cover the same urban trip as a car based on studies in the European Union. Four or more motorcycles can park in the same space usually used by a car (yet parking space for motorcycles has in fact been reduced especially in the CBD area). Fewer kilometres are driven to find a parking place and less litres of fuel are used.

Impact on the motorcycling community

Motorcycles have a place in our society. Riders are of all ages, all races, male and female. Some are poor, some are well to do. Some rely on it to earn a living, some just need a cheap point A to B and some are just passionate about it. Some choose to not own a car but rely on a combination of public transport and motorcycle. It is enjoyed the world over including developed markets. Motorcycles are an essential part of our economy, transport system and truly part of our society and culture.
While the current motorcycle COE is insignificant to a purchaser of a car, the impact is significant to the average purchaser of a motorcycle as the tripling of the motorcycle COE has resulted in low cost motorcycles and scooters doubling in price making them largely unattainable to the average consumer. The majority of motorcycles (73%) in Singapore are small capacity bikes under 200cc (Class 2B) and many of these riders tend to be low-income earners who cannot afford a car. For those who work as dispatch riders or have to travel to industrial areas poorly served by public transport, their two wheels are an essential part of their daily workflow. The current quota premium for motorcycles is almost the cost of a new Class 2B motorcycle, and now many low-income earners are being priced out of the market. This has a far reaching impact on the less wealthy, college students, citizens that require a bike for their livelihood and overall business costs, not just the businesses that employ such riders. Motorcycles play a vital role in modern services economies. SME’s, organizations and individuals active in urban areas place motorcycles at the heart of their business. Courier companies, delivery of small goods, delivery of food, health care services, all take advantage of the incomparable cost/efficiency ratio offered by motorcycles.

Further Contributions

Increased use of cars and public transport will result in costly investment in infrastructure, yet an increase in use of motorcycles will have the opposite effect. Motorcycles cause a fraction of the damage to roads compared to other motorized transport, and thus are responsible for only a tiny percentage of the maintenance costs. Motorcycles with a smaller carbon footprint compared to cars require lower maintenance, less fuel and are cheaper to scrap – thus contributing to lower energy use. Motorcycles have major advantages compared to any other motorized road transport means, especially on climate change, with less emission of greenhouse gas and lower figures on fuel consumption. Even high performance sports bikes have improved fuel consumption compared to cars on congested roads, consuming between 55% and 81% less fuel than a car on the same journey according to research conducted overseas. For instance, motorcycles are able to make progress in congested conditions and are thus less polluting than other vehicle subject to a stop/start cycle. Motorcycles in Singapore are also being subject to emissions limits and now comply with high Euro standards.


Based on all the above points, it is clear that the quota for motorcycles should not be decreased but in fact increased. There is no reason why there is a need to put curbs on motorcycle growth when this population has not really grown over the last 5 years and has never impacted congestion. Continuing curbs will force many motorcyclists, unable to either purchase a new motorcycle or renew their COE, to public transport which adds an unnecessary strain or congestion to our public transport network. We really don’t want to move an entire segment of road users (motorcyclists) to public transportation when clearly this segment can help complement our overall transportation system.

Yours sincerely,

Concerned biker

*the above above letter was submitted by a motorcyclist who wishes to remain anonymous. *

Free free to share your thoughts on this issue via or email us at

LTA COE Singapore


  1. Jane Reply

    Thank you for voicing out on behalf of all motorists.
    But I think you will get shot down by our LTA.

      • Chow Reply

        Why not change COE to be 20% of sales price of car or motorbike. Would raise the same amount of COE tax for the govt, but would be more equitable

  2. Terry cwo Reply

    Hopefully the Authority could look into the matter.We have not done anything wrong why penalise us bikers.

  3. Imran Reply

    I really am thankful to someone like you. Whether you are a girl or a guy. I am thankful. This COE has a great impact on me. I am happy to see there is someone smart and vocabularily skill to speak up for the riders community. Thank you so very much.

  4. Nasharuddin Khan Reply

    A very good effort and choice of words. Could you start a petition so as we can all sign on the petition to help riders of all walks of life.

  5. ray Reply

    Hi totally support yr idea. My dad is a motorbiker for 40 years. Pls start a petition and we will follow u

  6. Tommy Reply

    I fully agree with the writer. I am one example that had comtemplated to switch from driving to riding as the cosy is just to high even just to park my car at my work place. But the recent motorcycle CEO is just more expensive than the motorcycle itself.
    Singapore is a excellent place to love an grow my family but it is unaffordable now.

  7. ilyazar Reply

    Minister of Transport will see through the 12,000 idiots who petition for a change of name for Changi Airport but didnt intervene on the insane CoE prices for motorcycles which will adversly affect low income motorcyclists.

  8. daniel Reply

    This coe thingy is rubbish…i love bikes and had been riding for 20 years. Seems like bikers are being penalised by the garment.

  9. mood.azhan ayub Reply

    Totally agreed on the articles. Start a petition and I will gladly sign it. Thank you for ur articles.

  10. marian Reply

    Yes so true man. If i can make a suggestion, keep a cheap COE for 2b bikes, separate from the COE for class 2A/2.

  11. ashary Reply

    I am a rider myself, and iam dependant on my bike to ride to my workplace in the far west side of singapore whereas i am living in the east side. We should all unite and write a pettition, weather it will succeed or not, at least we have tried giving it a shot..

  12. hidayat Reply

    well my thoughts are the no of malaysians and permit holders are also the contributors of figures in the uprising of motor vehicle volume. For those who are living in malaysia n buying singapore motorcycles or cars are also a factor of the uprising numbers because they are willing to purchase so as to avoid the vep incurred to them on a daily basis to work. Whereby most of the time they are being used in malaysia where petrol are cheap,parking are free and thus reducing in maintainance cost through the currency.Not to be biased but it’s a fact whereby singaporeans who really need to use the means of it are themselves being curbed at by the coe pricing. I think as a citizen or a resident who resides in singapore 90% of the time such as PR national’s are those who should only be entitled to have the purchase power of singapore registered vehicle. Personally i myself don’t understand why are they being granted a PR in the 1st place whereby their record can show that 90% of the time they are travelling to and fro just to work on a daily basis and indirectly have a purchasing power of a HDB unit whereby most of the sgporeans are even struggling to get. Just my thoughts. No puns or discrimination were intended.My humblest apologies if there are people who feel discriminated by this comment of mine

  13. Aziz Hussain Reply

    It is a good open letter to the authorities on the plight of motorcyclist. This is a step in the right direction. Please put up a petition and sign gladly will I do. But, my concern is, will the authorities listen? If does, good.But what if it just ignore or worse still, shot down? Citing statistics of safety records as the main factor in the reduction of the quota? What is the next step that we, as motorcyclist has as an option to exercise? Should we push the agenda to Mr Lui Tuck Yew? The newly appointed Minister of Defence while retaining the hat of the Transport Authority? What reason would he give to justify the increase of cars on the road on the principle of COEs? I wonder……………

  14. Rix Reply

    The price of motorcycle COE is $6000+++ now. The cheapest motorcycle machine price is $3500. How to justify paying $6000+++ for a $3500 motorcycle? The cheapest motorcycle on the road now will cost $10000 minimum! This is taking a toll on us Singaporean who is trying to survive ! Thanks motor culture asia for voicing this up :)

  15. Ken Reply

    LTA should not reduce the quotas for motorbikes but they should ban cyclists from the roads. On my way back home earlier, i saw 3 stupid bicycle cyclists blocking buses and all the vehicles behind them. Why is LTA not doing anything to these non-paying road hoggers but clamping down on COE quotas for motorbikes who are paying for their use of the road through road tax.

  16. Ryan Reply

    Totally agree and kinda disappointed in the decision of reducing motocycle quota that triples the COE. Even a small curb bike so much costly than before. I about to buy a bike last but the COE put me down again and again.

    +1 to petition.

  17. Suhaimi jambari Reply

    This increase in Coe for motorcycle is preposterous.Utterly insane and unfathomably reachable prospect for low income earners be it middle income earners either.
    I call the authorities to help the low or middle income earners who are struggling daily in life to elevate their lives

  18. Anthony Tang Reply

    I have spoken and discussed with two MPs and MOT on categorising motor cycle COEs so that owners of smaller bikes who need their bikes to “Chari Makan” will not be penalised. With this ridiculous high COE, bikers like courier services, deliveryman and workers whose workplace is not serviced by public transport will find it difficult to make a living.
    The Govt whose ministers are highly and excessively paid has no inkling of the poorer biker who can hardly make ends meet.
    Writing to the relevant agencies is NO use, as they are the underdogs of the MIW. Maybe , we should organise a peaceful rally to protest our concerns

  19. Mike Chua Reply

    I don’t drive & I don’t ride a bike. But the price of COE for cars or bikes are ridiculously high which ultimately cause increase in inflation that affects many like me. The COE original intention was to let individual do their own bidding. But why let car dealers to do the bidding on buyer’s behalf? Do you really need COE to control car population which spike inflation?

  20. Edgar Boehlke Reply

    It makes no sence at all to have this high expenses to get a motorbike !!?? In other countries the gouvernment supports the industry as motorbikes are using less fuel, better for the environment and clearing up the traffic in anyway concested city centers! So wake up there an allow the future to come instead of falling back into Stone Age!

  21. Pat Lim Reply

    I live in the East (was born and raised in the East) & I work in the West. My work shift starts at 7am. Even if I took the 1st MRT, I will never make it to work by 7am. The ONLY WAY !!! I can get to work on time is by motorcycle which I have owned for 8 years. I’m a average salaried person, don’t have a high paying job, work hard to provide for my family and elderly parents and basically live from pay check to pay check. I’m at a point of needing to change my ageing motorcycle as the constant repairs is beginning to be more than the monthly instalments that I used to pay. But I can’t afford to change because, with the current COE + the price of the bike, my monthly repayments will literally KILL me !! I highly doubt my situation is an isolated situation. I’m sure there are many more people like me. To summarise, I simply cannot understand why the COE is allowed to as such.

  22. melancholy Reply

    He has every single positive points, but thats not what the government wants. Its not the logic that they are looking for. Its the dollars that they are more interested in… to make more money for themselves

  23. jeremy Reply

    Is there any effect, reason, or whatever that the thousands of motorcycles coming over from JB? Are we paying for their use of our roads?

  24. William Goh Reply

    LTA should allow electric bicycles on the pathways.
    They are behind in technology and their thinking.
    I am shocked to find that even low speed segdways
    banned in public parks but are allowed in our crowded airport.
    I work in Vietnam. The economy of Vietnam is powered by two wheelers.
    Singapore should encourage more two wheelers. It’s so stupid to build expensive
    Roads to cater to cars that take up so much space and actually contribute to speeding and it’s attendant problems.
    When you have more two wheelers on the road, the roads can actually be safer because speed will actually slow down. Yes, there might be more blood on the roads. But we have Coca Cola to wash away the blood, and besides poor motorcyclists have a chance of making money by suing the drivers of cars who drive recklessly. Laws should be in place to make it very expensive for cars to hit cyclists and bikers. Then we will have safer roads. What are the clowns at LTA thinking? They are too high up in their high horses to know the ground. If motorbikes are not efficient or safe, why use it as outrider escorts for VIPs or road policing?
    Allow even electric bikes on the roads. Why confiscate people’s e bikes? They know what they are doing and what is best for them. Don’t penalise these people. Protect them with tougher laws on those who fail to keep a look out for them or hit them indiscriminately. We have a lot of bastard drivers on our roads. I know. I have been driving since 1974.

  25. Raiz Reply

    no need to waste time and effort .we motorcyclist are nothing to them .they rather spend time to debate on changing airport name and currency rather than show a concern to bike coe prices .dont forget the higher the Coe is , the government collect more .so u think they will care???

  26. bob bob bob Reply

    You guys dont get it…our current goverment is not about gridlocks,efficiency or environmental friendly…its all about getting more tax money for their bonus….which mode earns them more tax money?….cars pay more parking…more erp…use more fuel…pays higher insurance premiums and so the list goes on….how much tax money can u squeeze out of a rider with a wave 125?…i rest my case

  27. arafat khan Reply

    thanks for voicing out,well taken effort.the ppl who increase the coe for bike,dun actually see how we people using bike for work are struggling.

  28. Biker Reply

    You made all valid points, but profits to them are priority. How else they justify increasing public transport fare prices with all the breakdowns?

  29. Two Wheelers Reply

    Totally agree on everyone comments. I think the transport minister must start working with open eyes.

  30. Zulk Reply

    Thanks for writing the letter on behalf of the biking community. Whether it will be heard or not is secondary. It seems like the lower income earner’s welfare are totally disregarded by the authority.
    But one thing that I don’t agree with some of the comments here. We should first agree that motorcycles of any class or capacity does not contribute much to the congestion or carbon footprint. So we should voice out as a whole. Please do not suggest to segregate the COEs for different class of bikes. I bet that this is already in their mind so don’t have to propose something that benefits certain group and kills another. We should be united for the same cause. Apologies for those who feel discriminated. Just my honest opinion.

  31. Lee SK Reply

    If this is a petition that needs, we biker signatures to back you up, do let us know. I will definitely be one of them. (Y)

  32. azli amin Reply

    I don’t know if you are aware that there are malaysian who owns a singapore registered bike thus contribute to increase of bikes owned

  33. Kevin Ng Reply

    I am sure many motorcyclists have at one time or another boasted that their ride is cheaper than public transport, and more convenient, and faster. Do you think the government will accept a situation (which is within their control) that a mode of transport is cheaper than public transport, and have it look bad on the government? The government always do things multi-pronged. Up the COE for cars, Up the COE for motorcycles, Up the cost for taxis, come up with schemes to reduce cost of travel for majority who travel by public transport. Benefits all around, reduce congestion, reduce complaints by majority who now cannot complain that private transport (motorcycles) is better and cheaper, force more people to taxis if they do not plan their trip well, increase profits for taxi drivers, encourage more to come to drive taxis so that there are more taxis on the road.

  34. leslie Reply

    Basically this, it’s just a nice way of telling us to get off the bike and to ride the public transport.

  35. Azhar Reply

    I used to have a bike I use only for transport. It was a cheap cg125 that I bought for about 800 bucks. Maintenance was low. And fuel was cheap. Getting around was easy. I cannot afford the COE so I had to scrap the bike. Which is stupid. Because it takes me 5 times longer to go to school from home by public transport. Stupid coe. I need a bike la. Being in public transport is so unproductive, it decreases my overall output for work. Bike 800. Coe 6000. U all stupid ah?

  36. sean Reply

    Well said…For some riders who is working midnite shift deliveries,a cub scooter is sufficient to settle their transportation thru flo workplace and home..but nw having a crazy COE jump,who is capable to own one now..hopefully authorities should seriously consider to reclassified the bike cc and categorized the price…

  37. Amirican Baron Reply

    Great article! If there’s a need to sign a petition or stuff like that, please contact me. I’m all in.

  38. izzat Reply

    If this carries on
    1)Increase of Cyclist on major roads
    2)Increase of Motorised Bicyles
    3)singapore will be like our neighbouring countries where the roads are full of Cubs(wave or sparks)
    4)more people on public transport

    The first 3 points will make singapore look poor. Which will inturn increase the gap of the gini coeffient.( gap between the rich and poor). If that is the motive than i guess we are on the right track. Cyclist whom occupies 1.5m of the road without paying road tax, not only put themselves in danger but also other road users where vehicles would need to eat into the next lane so as to avoid them. And when judgement fails the cyclist would at best lose a limb and worst lose their life. If increasing the number of fatality to provide more services for casket company then we are heading towards the right direction.
    Motorised bicyles are a nuisance to pedestrians and road users.

    Lastly do those who decide on the price of COE actually commute on public transport? It is undeniably time consuming, people who commute by public to work is arguably less productive as they are drained out by the time and energy spend standing and queing. And we are wondering why productivy is not increasing and singaporeans are generally unhappy. Hmmm

  39. Mikail Sameer Raif Reply

    Im up for it definitely. It’s ridiculous having such a high price for a piece of paper. Not to mention motorcycles? Just tell me where to sign. GOD bless u my friend.

  40. Anthony Reply

    Our ministerial pay are also peg to performance… The way they have done just increase their revenue! And thus their performance bonuses! Cast your vote wisely in the next GE…

  41. Jesse James Reply

    Those govt bastards doesn’t care if you’re poor or using the motorcycle for your ‘cari makan’.. All they care is taking money from us, rich or poor. The article is good and I appreciate the writer. But I doubt the F!@#$/^&* govt would care or even listen to our cries.. Btw, tq writer..

  42. Spencer Saed Reply

    Thank you Motor asia at least now we have u to speak on our behalf as our Mp’s can’t maybe we just low class on the road. Just hope LTA will be willing to give the motorcycles COE and look and tweak it if necessary. Thanks again Motor Asia.

  43. latif highways salim Reply

    Totally agree with you …. the purpose of the COE is getting out of hand , so we pay S$6000 + (for a motorcycle) and are the authorities going to do away with the road tax? …. coz if you do your sums …. class 2B & 2A road tax for 10 years is only a fraction of the COE now. Classes 2B & 2A are poor men / women cheap personal transport.

  44. anonymous Reply

    Thanks for helping us to voice this mateer bro/sis. But i think we can further increase the COE price/quota with a restriction of who can buy Singapore-registered vehicles as i see many foreigners (who are not SPR) buy a Singapore-registered vehicle. With that, many of the quota is taken up by them. We Singaporeans can only use a Singapore-registered vehicle in Singapore whereas for them they have other options. I hope LTA can review on this issue too.

  45. Mas Reply

    I understand the need for policies to tighten the number of vehicles on the road with the always increasing population of ours.

    i also find that it is a tacky issue to put only tax our counterparts who are coming in to Singapore to work. Face it, we need them for jobs that Singaporean do not want to do.

    There are three parts to do issue.
    1. Curb the foregin vehicles too if you have tax us, the citizens.

    2. Look at increasing the infrastructure itself. Widen the roads.

    3. Coe is one key element of the ownership to the vehicle. Look at other factors, age group, road tax, machine price.

    4. Different COE for different categories of bikes.

  46. unclejo Reply

    They wont layang you wan la, but well written bro. COE 6k can buy 3-4 125cc wave in few years back.

  47. SIAM Reply

    A word of appreciation for the writer and MC for printing the excellent article in the magazine. MC has shows her leadership and camaraderie with Singapore rider.

    I agree with Bob that the government is all about $$$. $12k car with $60k COE, so akan datang $4k bike with 20k COE. Just you wait and see! Then I wanted to kiss that someone from HDB or some department who give us “free” parking in all HDB and most URA carparks for $20 a month. Maybe someone somewhere have a beautiful heart. Kill me also don’t believe when I heard this news.

    Developments and buildings have code that requires certain % of car park lot in it. Don’t know when its begins, now no requirement for motorcycle parking lot anymore. Suntec free parking. Taka says “pay like a car”. MBS say “Get loss, pay also don’t want you around” Someone is trying to make motorcycling hell here.

    Count me in for a petition. Rais say we are nothing to them? Aziz say shot down? Also must petition lah. We must “cry father cry mother” like that then govt listen, no choice one. Animal lover petition for right, gay petition for right. We no need more right one, we petition so that LTA people keep to their cars and don’t tekan us can already. Motorcycle sellers and associations, “our spokesmen”, are silence here as they are usually rich people who are not affected.

    I second what Jesse James said. Then I really really like our PAP government leh (though some MPs have to be shot long time ago but still around merrily). So I just suggest the government “roll the head” of those very high up in LTA who travel in their cars only and try to drive us off the road.

    Electric bicycle is legal on road in China and can go up to >80km/hr. Its fast enough for travel on our expressway too. Why restrict to 25km/hr on our normal road? $ issue again. No need COE, license, insurance, road tax, no more car park fine, speeding fine, beating red light fine, free parking outside doorstep. Everyone will want one. Very green too. Roadkill will spike though.

    At the end, not much we can do actually. Except write in to Lui or PM for their feedback. If lazy even to write, then wait for the next election lor. So sad.

  48. Easy Rider Reply

    Unfortunately, releasing the quota will lead to more idiotic riding (on a relative not absolute basis) – lane splitting at high speeds, uneducated riders cruising between lanes in the blind spot- type of behaviour. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a rider…. We need to fix some of the educational issues before ‘unleashing’ the beast else we’ll end up with more fatalities and more fingers being pointed at bike riders.

  49. Victor Tan Han Fung Reply

    Hi, I agree and thanx for writing this letter!!!!

    Bikes COE quota should NOT be reduced!!!! It is an relatively greener mode of transport and takes up a minimal public foot print. The fact that the vehicles population increase deviates from the total vehicle population increase defies logic. I would really like to know why the policy makers seem keen in restricting the bike population.

  50. Chua Sek Chuan Reply

    I am a Singaporean who happens to live in Johor until such time that my BTO flat is built. I took my motorcycle licence because it is easier to commute with, and the cost of cars is prohibitive. I, too, agree with the writer of the article and (some of) the comments.
    Part of the reason that there is increase in car sales is the perceived status in ownership. The prevailing government also encourages the sales of automobiles as the income accrued through taxes is significant. COE for motorcycles has jumped through the roof because the same formula for cars is applied to motorcycles. It is, as has been said previously, a ‘one-size-fits-all’ quotient. Unfortunately, we motorcycle owners are screwed by this.
    I will be willing to sign a petition and have a dialogue with LTA. As an aside, LTA is not only encouraging higher carbon footprints with the promotion of automobiles, they plan to screw our green lungs by building a tunnel under MacRitchie Nature Reserve, also making our water supply (MacRitchie Reservoir) susceptible to potential pollution. Well done LTA! You certainly know how to mess with the natural order!

  51. Charlie Reply

    On one hand, the LTA regulates and control the quota of motorcycle coe, on the other hand, they allow thousands & thousands of motorist from malaysia to come in, (don’t get me wrong, they are here to earn a living as well).

    So why are the local motorist being penalized for? Causing congestion? I mean, increment is fine, but apparently, the rise is way too much for low income citizens who requires their motorcycle to put food on the table.

    But sadly, those living high up on the ivory towers, wouldn’t understand.

  52. Dennis Goh Reply

    Hi all, i recently wrote a similar email to the ministry of transport, the transport minister Khaw and the LTA. Stating my concern on how the reduction of Motorcycle COEs would impact our community. People who rely on it for work as well as people who choose it as a way of life.

    I am very sad to say that I got nothing more than what clearly was a canned response from one of their junior executives. So much for a “listening” government. Maybe it’s time for me to revive that email again.

  53. Dave and Cheryl Fisher Reply

    We totally agree that the whole coe thing for bikes is unfair….in fact, it is pure discrimination!!! My husband and I have 2 bikes….now, we couldn’t sell them anyway beacause of the ovely high coe costs. We stand to lose, lose AND lose !!!!!

  54. Ragu Reply

    It’s been a year since you wrote this beautiful article but I guess not even a finger was lifted on their side. Singapore will only prosper in blessing when the current government changes its way of thinking which is highly unlikely or just walks out of the cabinet. I used to ride a bike but stopped after a major accident 5 years ago. I thank God that I stopped on my own accord and sold the bike rather than having to force myself to sell the bike away due to an effed up reason known as COE. Nevertheless, I would really like to appreciate your great effort and be thankful to you for having a heart. Let’s just hope one day, just one fine day, things will change for the better.

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