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We speak to the good people from, who are firmly established as one of Singapore’s leading online insurers.

1. What security advice would you offer for motorcycle riders out and about on their machines (especially overseas)?

When you can, always park your bike where you can see it. For example, park near a window and ask to be seated where you can see your bike while you’re eating. Use robust chain locks or U-locks when parking for any extended length of time or when the bike won’t be visible in addition to alarm systems, immobilisers and/or trackers.

2. Are many stolen motorcycles recovered?

Very few, almost zero, motorcycle are ever recovered. Particularly when stolen internationally.

3. Do you recommend any particular locks rider should use?

We recommend the Oxford Screamer Alarm Disc Lock, or another high quality disc lock and chain lock combination for extra safety when leaving your bike parked for longer periods.


4. Do you recommend installing GPS trackers on motorcycles?

In recent years the cost of GPS trackers has come down, and at the same time their features have improved drastically. They still can’t guarantee you’ll recover your bike if it’s stolen. But every extra chance helps, particularly in our area since many of us don’t have garages to keep our bikes in.

5. Can you explain clearly the steps we should take if we realise our motorcycle has been stolen?

1) Stay calm. Think carefully where you actually parked your bike.

2) Search the vicinity for the motorcycle or any signs of where it went.

3) Look around for any CCTV installed nearby.

4) Search the area for any potential eye witnesses.

5) Contact the police and report the loss immediately.

6) Report the theft to your insurer immediately.

7) Let others know about the missing bike. Post it up on Facebook, Twitter and bike forums.


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