Liqui Moly 5W40 Motorcycle Engine Oil Test


Liqui Moly 5W40 Motorcycle Engine Oil Test

It takes fuel to make an engine run, but it also takes oil to keep it alive. As we all try to maximise the service lives and fuel economy of our engines, it’s important to understand engine oil’s role in all this, whether you use conventional, semi-synthetic or synthetic varieties.

There are two main components that all motor oils are made of: A base fluid (sometimes called a base stock), and the additive package. The base fluid typically makes up the bulk of the oil. Additive chemicals are then added to enhance the positive qualities of the base stock and to overcome whatever negative qualities there may be. The most common additives in engine oils are Detergent-Dispersant additives. Detergent- Dispersant additives are added to engine oil to prevent and to clean carbon deposits that formed inside engine parts.

But over time, heat and thermal cycling depletes the detergents resulting in the carbon deposits coating the inside of the engine, plugging oil passages and causing catastrophic engine damage. Liqui Moly engine oils contain a special additive called MOS2 (Molybdenum Disulfide) to enhance its lubricating properties. MOS2 in motor oil has been proven to enhance the lubrication quality of oil, to allow longer interval between oil changes, and to allow the oil to perform better in harsh conditions.

The Motor Culture crew tested out the Liqui Moly “care package”, which involves an engine flush, a fresh change of 5W40 Racing oil with additional MOS2 additives and fuel additives and we were pleased with the results.



Alex: “Having applied all of the above, I could feel my bike running slightly smoother than before, and throttle response was just a tad bit better, especially when accelerating away from the lights. As this was a day before my scheduled Liqui Moly JETCLEAN TRONIC cleaning service, the engine still had plenty of carbon deposits left behind and so its full performance was still significantly stifled. I firmly believe that, had the oil been changed after the process instead, the results would have been much more pronounced. This would be great oil for city riding or even race days. I’ve clocked over 2,000km and the oil is still performing great for me.”

Kevin: “Before I put any product into my motorcycle, I always do a little research first. Some oils are marketed as fully synthetic oils, although they are Group III oils. I was glad to find out that Liqui Moly’s 5W40 weight oil falls into the Group IV category (top of the class) with A3 , API SM and JASO MA2 ratings .5W40 oils aren’t too common in Singapore, with 10W40 or 15W50 weight oils being more easily available in our region. I used the oil for close to 5,000km and its performance was consistent throughout. I was a little worried about how the oil would hold up as I do long-distance travelling rather frequently, but the gear shifting remained smooth throughout. Besides, you can’t really go wrong with these oils if the boys at Moto2 are using the same exact product for their race bikes.”



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