Phuket Bike Week is the biggest motorcycle event not only in Thailand but in Asia. The annual event attracts over 10,000 motorcycles and more than 50,000 visitors from 30 countries. The organizers are also backed by the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) whose main task is ensure that Phuket Bike Week is included in their calendar of major events in Thailand Phuket and to ensure that the event is promoted around the world well in advance.

The Motor Culture crew had an opportunity to chat with the organisers of Phuket Bike Week when they were in Singapore to find out more about the event.


How did Phuket bike week begin 22 years ago?

Phuket bike week started in April 1995 during a time when there were no bike week, Phuket bike week was the first. The event saw 300 riders congregate at “Mitthrapap Beach” also known as “Friendship Beach”, in Rawai. Only 32 riders from Singapore was part of that historic event. We agreed that Phuket was tan ideal location as it has international standard hotels & resorts, plenty of restaurants, which cater for all tastes, and all other necessary facilities needed to support the bikers. It has been 22 years since and the event has grown from strength to strength since with 2015 seeing 420 Singaporeans with 160 bikes riding up to take part in the event.


How has Phuket bike week changed over the years?

Following the emergence of Phuket bike week, other bike weeks like Chiang mai bike week and Hatyai bike week have popped up but Phuket bike week is the original, the mother of all bike weeks, it is the most participated motorcycle event in Thailand now. We are a small little plant that has grown into a big tree and has spread its branches around Asia and the world. Right now, not only bikers are taking part in the event, more families and tourists are flying directly to Thailand to enjoy Phuket bike week.


What are the main objectives of the yearly event?

The festival is organised jointly by Phuket Province, Patong Municipality, Phuket Big Bike Club, the Phuket Riders Club, and Ride Thailand magazine and its main aim is to bring together big-bike lovers from across Thailand and around the world. Phuket Big Bike Week is now a major event in the Phuket calendar and it brings a lot of good things for Phuket, in many different ways, including injecting at least 600 million baht into the economy every year. Other objectives of the events are to promote travel and tourism in Phuket and Thailand; create greater unity for bikers worldwide; promote safer riding (with helmets on heads and lights on bikes) and organize charitable activities to raise funds for schools for underprivileged children in Phuket.


What is special about this edition of Phuket Bike week?

The committee has been trying to develop the activities for Phuket bike week. This year, we have the most popular music band called Carabal who will be headlining our music festival. Harley-Davidson Phuket will also be holding their grand opening in conjunction with the event. BMW GS riders can also take part in a adventure riding course that is hosted by BMW’s trainers from Enduro Park Thailand. The popular Miss Phuket Bike Week competition, tattoo and custom bike shows are other highlights of the event. The activities will take place around the Patong area as usual!


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