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Creating the SPORTING CULTURE in Motorcycling.  MCA has a chat with Ryoji Fujita, International Sales Manager of RS Taichi at Motoworld Showroom Singapore. Untitled-1

With the company’s head office based in Osaka Japan, RS TAICHI has been developing racing leather suits and motorcycling apparel for over 30 years. According to Ryoji Fujita, the company’s core business philosophy is to provide the safest, most comfortable and absolutely best quality products to their customers, often sparing no expense in using the highest quality Japanese leather and state of art materials to ensure that all protection requirements are satisfied.

Mr Ryoji Fujita, RS Taichi’s International Sales Manager involved with the brand’s regional marketing and sales for more than 15 years, is also an avid biker and rides a XR250 back in Japan.

Good Day Mr Fujita, so what’s in-store for Singapore riders from RS Taichi in the coming years?

Well, one of the key products we have been focusing on is the RS Taichi “Flexi” chest protector. We term it the CPS (Chest Protector System) at RS Taichi and majority of our jackets bear this application logo. Motorcycle accidents fatalities research in Japan has shown that of all the reported motorcycle deaths and related injuries sustained, the head area accounts for 50% of all fatal injuries, followed by 20% for the chest area and the back area accounts for only approximately 5% of fatal injuries sustained. Therefore the compact and highly-flexible three-layered honeycomb constructed chest protectors developed by RS Taichi is aimed at covered this next vital area of the riders’ bodies.

In fact all our new riding jackets have incorporated features that allow riders in attach the optional flexi-chest protector system.

A proper and comfortable chest protection system sounds like the next best thing besides a good-quality tested helmet. What other innovations are RS Taichi looking at?

Rider visibility by other motorists is also a key factor when you consider factors that can prevent accidents. RS Taichi has since developed the latest EL (electroluminescent) jackets.

These top-of-the-line “lighted’ jackets are all the rage in Japan, incorporating special fabrics that keep the rider dry inside and outside in humid riding conditions like Singapore. A special ‘Technofine’ or T-Dry inner-mesh fabric is used by RS Taichi as we feel that it is more suited for motorcycling use than the ‘general application’ Coolmax fabrics used in majority of the other jackets and riding apparels. A nylon outer jacket shell incorporates the Teflon HT coating with additional 3M Scotchlite all round so you really get great technology in our jackets. But of course what distinguishes our jackets from the rest is the RS Taichi electroluminescent light panel at the back that guarantees that everyone notices you at night!

What else can we expect from Japan’s premier motorcycle riding gear and apparels maker?

We at RS Taichi feel it’s our duty to create the “Sporting Culture” with the customers through motorcycling. This means getting the best quality and innovative products out there into our race suits and apparels. If we cannot source them we will make them ourselves. For example our leathers are made from 1.5mm Japanese cow-leather which is thick yet very soft. Our leathers also go through a special process to mix leather skin with fibres to create that ultra-soft feel and we also incorporate a triple-stitching process to ensure that our leathers will not separate or rip at the seams in the unfortunate event of a fall. That is the commitment that RS Taichi of Japan provides to all motorcyclists in Singapore.


More from RS Taichi AIR TRACK JACKET

  • Soft touch polyester jersey knit construction.
  • Removable and adjustable light weight armor (non-CE) on shoulders, elbows and PE vented foam padding on back.
  • Reflection tab on back for increased visibility in night time.
  • CPS (Chest Protector System) equipped.


  • Second skin which fit to the body and keeps it dry and cool.
  • Quick moisture wicking and quick dry. High rate of vaporization helps to maintain body temperature.
  • Anti-microbial and deodorant fabric with UV Protection.
  • Technofine is used compared to regular polyester. Technofine has a high sweat absorbtion rate when compared to regular polyester. The quick-drying feature gives greater comfort in keeping the skin dry. The secret actually lies in the special W-type fiber structure of the Technofine.


  • Nylon outer shell construction with Teflon HT coating.
  • T-DRY mesh liner with removable and adjustable RS TAICHI original CE approved armour on shoulders, elbows and PE vented foam padding on back.
  • Reflector on back for increased visibility in night riding.
  • Adjusters on upper arm and forearm for better fit to fix elbow armours.
  • Zippered vents on upper arm and air flow system on chest and wide air ventilation system for airflow.
  • Equipped with CPS (Chest Protector System).

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