Scorpio Alarm Systems


Scorpio Alarm Systems

First and foremost, there is simply no alternative to a securely locked motorcycle. Secondly, the simple fact is, a thief cannot steal your motorcycle if it is always in sight of you. However this might not always be possible, as we will eventually have to leave our bikes unattended from time to time.

Do alarm systems work? Nothing in this world is guaranteed (besides death and taxes), but the success rates of alarm devices in deterring bike theft are definitely higher than having no alarm device at all.




Scorpio has been manufacturing state-of-the-art motorcycle alarms for over two decades. While the technology has evolved over the years, their philosophy hasn’t changed: Engineer and design the most innovative motorcycle security and monitoring solutions available. They believe that the future of motorcycling is in enhancing the way you ride, and in bringing in the modern endeavours you have become accustomed to everywhere else in your lives. They continue to develop products and services, and to bring forward thinking and ambitious technologies to fellow riders. The people at Scorpio love and ride bikes. That is why they don’t simply build products for the motorcycle industry, but rather build those superior products that they themselves would want to use.

The Scorpio SR i900R

The Scorpio SR i900R is compatible with any motorcycle that has a 12 volt battery and an ignition switch. The ultra-compact components should fit on all motorcycles, even those that don’t have much storage space available. Installing the system is a piece of cake as no soldering or crimping is required – just plug and play with a universal plug-in connector kit that will fit any motorcycle.

The Scorpio SR i900R is powered by the motorcycle’s 12V DC supply and draws a minimal amount of voltage from the bikes battery. If the thief is smart enough to disconnect the alarm from the battery, the Main Control Module has an internal back-up battery that will sound the alarm if the battery is disconnected.

What sets the Scorpio SR i900R apart from other alarms is the RFID technology that allows the system know when the remote is in range, allowing the user to never have to reach for the remote to protect the bike. If you have the remote with you, the alarm will not sound when you are close to the bike.

Once you are “out of range”, the alarm will automatically arm itself and the built-in accelerometer that detects both impact and changes to the angle of your motorcycle will activate a multi-tone siren if its sensors are activated.

There is also an optional Perimeter Sensor that provides a remote-activated microwave sensor that detects motion in mass around the motorcycle protecting your saddlebags, luggage and other external accessories. Its sensitivity is adjustable, and easily turned on or off as needed. This proximity sensor, which “chirps”, causes almost everyone to jump back and look around as if to say “I wasn’t touching anything”. Last but not least, the SR i900R also has an anti-hijack function. If you realise that your motorcycle has been compromised, you can activate an ignition disabler, which takes 15 seconds to disable your engine. It will not reset unless you bring the remote near the RFID receiver.

All in all, the Scorpio SR i900R is a great alarm system that packs a host of features and we recommend it for those who far too often find themselves staring out a restaurant window to see if anyone is messing with their bike.



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