PunctureSafe Installation for Motorcycle Tyres


MCA puts to test the latest puncture blowout elimination technology for use on motorcycles.

At the Motor Culture Asia office, a tally was done of the number of tyre punctures experienced in our combined riding lifetime. The count ended at eleven punctures amongst five of our riders. Tyre punctures and blowouts often result in compromised or even loss of control of moving motorcycles and are a real serious danger for two-wheelers be it at the track, highways or city streets.

With that thought in mind we were delighted when PSF Asia invited the MCA crew down for a preview of the latest water-based tyre sealant technology at one of their many authorised workshops.

Not all tyre sealants out there are the same.

The first thing we were told is that PunctureSafe is a water-based special blend of polymers (80% polymer and 20% liquid) which coats and clings to the inner wall of the tyre. And that makes all the difference. Compared to other sticky oil-based sealants, PunctureSafe’s fluidity in the tyre is guaranteed to work for a very long term (the life of the tyre) in very high-speed rotational conditions. Installed in minutes at any of their authorised workshops, PunctureSafe not only seals punctures, it conditions the inner casing, preventing porosity leaks caused by tiny holes and cracks. In other words after installing PunctureSafe the tyres can maintain correct air pressure longer and requires much less effort to remove from the rims compared to other ‘sticky’ or ‘stuck’ oil-based sealants. If you do need to remove the tyre, PunctureSafe is both non-toxic to skin and non-corrosive to rims and can be effortlessly cleaned off with running water and will not cause a mess for the tyre changing specialist during a tyre change.

How the water-based sealant technology works.

Once PunctureSafe has been installed, it lies dormant as a fluid at the bottom of the tyre until the bike is first ridden. Once ridden a minimum of five to eight kilometers, PunctureSafe disperses throughout the inner air cavity and forms a coating on the inner surface of the tyre. The key ingredient of this fluid is the FlexxaGel™ polymers, which enables PunctureSafe to adhere very well to the interior tyre wall. The polymer base is so superior that once it sticks to the tyre wall, the initial dormant fluid will be well spread out and not form a pool even when the tyre lies dormant as when the bike is parked.

The flexing of the tyre and the normal heat build-up allows PunctureSafe to seek out and eliminate common air loss problems (scientifically referred to as porosity, air migration and bead leaks). PunctureSafe then transforms the tyre assembly into a sealed air chamber, capable of maintaining proper air pressure. Thereafter, PunctureSafe conditions the rubber in order to retard dry rot and ageing (hardening) of the casing.

When a tyre is punctured, PunctureSafe coats the surface of the penetrating object, thus preventing air loss! The technology does not stop there as when the puncturing object is removed, the rubber recovers and the wound immediately closes, escaping air siphons PunctureSafe into the puncture. The fibres then entwine to create a clot that prevents any additional air from escaping. As this seal cures, it is transposed into a permanent rubberised seal, protecting the inner casing and steel belts against contaminants entering the puncture for the remaining life of the tyre should the rider choose to continue using it.

To top it off, PunctureSafe will not adversely affect a balanced tyre/rim assembly and does not lose its ability to provide protection for the tread life of the tyre after each occurring sealing situation!

Does PunctureSafe really work?

We rode our test bike pre-installed with PunctureSafe for a week and did not notice a single difference in handling with the sealant coating in the tyres. What happens when a nail bites? We let the pictures do the talking!


 It is beneficial to know that once PunctureSafe is installed in the tyre, it is good for multiple punctures on the same tyre!  The tyre shown in the pictures has performed numerous puncture demonstrations on a single coat! 

PunctureSafe is now available through PSF Asia at their authorised motorcycle workshops. Different grades of PunctureSafe are also applicable for cars and commercial vehicles.  Drop by and seal your tyres permanently against punctures within minutes!

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