Waterproof Your Riding Gear!



There’s nothing quite like the feeling of struggling to focus on the road during a heavy downpour when your visibility sharply decreases thanks to water not shifting off your helmet visor and side mirrors. That few seconds where you lift one hand off the handle-bars to wipe away the water is enough to increase the probability of an accident.

Not only does Singapore’s regular downpours pose a safety hazard, but they are a major inconvenience to motorcyclists. Nobody likes going to the office or going on a hot date all drenched from top to bottom thanks to a sudden downpour.

This is where ArtDeShine’s water-repelling technology comes to make a difference!

ArtDeShine was first founded by Alfred in 2000 and these proprietary products have since protected paint clear coats of luxury and off-road cars from all diverse environmental effects. In August 2005, a new breakthrough consumer product called the Hypercoat Pro from Dupont was launched by ArtDeShine, providing a more durable coating able to withstand high temperatures and adverse effects from harmful chemical, acid rain, bird-dropping mucus, tree-sap, mud, road tar and sandblast grit.

ArtDeShine’s new product, the ArtDeJohnson Repel Procoat is well-suited for Singaporean riders with its semi-permanent water-repellant coating that works over all surfaces (plastics/metals/fabric/leather). The coating lasts for a good 5 months, way longer than any normal wax coating.


ArtDeJohnson couldn’t be simpler to apply – just spray it on and leave it to cure for a few hours. You can apply it on plastics such as your visor and side view mirrors. Riding apparel such as jackets, gloves and shoes can also be treated with the repel coat. The nano-technology adheres well to all surfaces and is able to withstand heavy usage in wet weather, repelling water over and over again with ease.

ArtDeJohnson Repel Procoat was applied to our MOTOR CULTURE Asia test equipment – a full face helmet, a side view mirror and on a shoe. We then proceeded to hose down the items with water, we even tried muddy water on the shoe. We were very impressed by how the water beaded strongly throughout our test but what was even more impressive was how easily the coating shifted water.


See the difference on the left and right shoe? The muddied water just flowed off the the left shoe in the picture which was treated with ArtDeJohnson while the right shoe was immediately stained with mud splatter. Mud stains can also be seen remaining on the (uncoated) right shoe after a water rinse. ArtDeJohnson Repel Procoat is designed to work on leather, plastic and metal surfaces.

Ready for the return of your favorite old and seasoned riding gears?

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