3 Nation Charity Ride 2015 is now open for registration!


3 Nation Charity Ride 2015 is organised by Super Bikers Club Malaysia (SBCM) from Kuala Lumpur and held in Port Dickson Malaysia on 4th to 6th September 2015, in conjunction with Port Dickson Bikefest. Event registration fee per person is MYR 160. Detail of event program & supporting hotels will be posted soon. Those interested to attend 3NCR15 can contact the various Registration Contacts for your region or email to peterpoh333@gmail.com to be included in 3NCR15 mailing list for invites and updates.

Thailand - Team Hanuman – Mr Kob : M (66) 8-9446-0616, E; 3ncr21@gmail.com – Mr Teau : M (66) 8-1990-7190

Malaysia - Penang – Faizal Mohamed, M: (60) 019-511-9955, E:faizal.mohamed71@yahoo.com
Ipoh. – Tiger Chia, M: (60) 012-508-8193, E: jasz0809@hotmail.com
Singapore - Peter Poh, M: (65) 9618-8033, E: peterpoh333@gmail.com
PrintMeanwhile, enjoy some old photos from last years event… IMG_5555 IMG_5635 IMG_5694IMG_6036 IMG_5666


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