B-Rocket please… you can have the watch!


If you’re a world famous watch maker, when it comes time to launch a new timepiece you can either quietly start shipping them to the dealers. Or you can do what Bell & Ross just did, and build a motorcycle – the B-Rocket.


The Bell & Ross B-Rocket is based on a Harley-Davidson FXS Softtail Blackline. The bike was built by the British motorcycle customization company Shaw Speed & Custom, a British Harley-Davidson dealership and customs workshop.  It’s not the first time the two companies have joined forces to build a one-off show bike for advertising purposes. They did it back in 2009 with the Nascafe Racer.


The Bell & Ross B-Rocket was designed to look like a classic land speed racer crossed with a military jet aircraft. It has streamlined hand-crafted metal bodywork and smooth wheel covers. One either side of the engine are a couple of intake ducts with what look like mini jet engines inside. Unfortunately they aren’t real jet engines, but they are functional, the right side intake supplies the engine with air, while the left side cools the oil.

Underneath the retro design, the motorcycle packs a 1,584cc Twin Cam 96 HD engine. The rider sits on a full length seat with chest and chin pads running up the fuel tank so they can comfortably tuck-in for a more streamlined profile.


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