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The MCA Crew had the opportunity to speak to Eugene Lim, a BMW GS1200 rider and member of the BMW Motorcycle Club (Singapore) on their recent Riders Clinic held at Pasir Gudang Malaysia. The clinic is a part of an ongoing series of exclusive activities catered for the Bavarian two-wheeler that aims to equip riders with the necessary skills to be more confident on the road, develop a keen eye and reflexes for road safety, and create a higher overall awareness of the Beemer bikes that they ride.

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The BMW Riders Clinic is held twice a year at an exclusively-booked Pasir Gudang track and focuses on areas such as counter-steering theory and science, cornering techniques, entry lines and controlled braking skills. To ensure participant safety, the session is catered to a limit of 25 riders and is fully-booked within the first few registration days.

One of the main reasons for such enthusiasm is that the Riders Clinic is not just a ‘good-and-experienced-rider-teach-new-rider’ experience; clinic instructors are friends of the club who are experienced and seasoned riders who have had lots of experience on the track. Having attended formal training at the California Superbike School, they were willing to volunteer their time for this good cause and impart some of their knowledge gained in a clinic led session.


A theory session was held a few days before the actual track day event. This was to ensure participants had the theoretical concepts of bike handling into turns and corners before jumping right onto the track. On the track, the first 2 hours of the Riders Clinic were devoted to relevant theory and orientation laps where riders go through the motion of the course and learn/ re-learn throttle techniques. Each instructor takes on just 6 riders, ensuring a high level of safety and rider participation. The subsequent track session was dedicated to 2 more hours of self-practice


According the Eugene, past and present BMW Riders Clinics have always been a success and there is high demand for the locally-conducted courses. One of the reasons is that riders get to experience a slice of renowned international riding school instruction at a fraction of the course cost and time.

The BMW Motorcycle Club aims to offer more advanced intermediate courses in future sessions, as Eugene remarked, “A lot of BMW riders who have attended such clinics actually return for the same course as a refresher or just to open their eyes to new theories and instruction.

One can never stop learning when it comes to riding motorcycles. Our club would continue to offer fellow riders the opportunity to advance themselves. Learn the skills to enforce the safety element. Safety is paramount when riding in Singapore and touring overseas.”

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