Kawasaki J


Meet the most radical motorcycle by the ‘heavy industries’ bike brand – The Kawasaki J

This bold futuristic concept was unveiled by the Japanese manufacturer at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show. Termed the prototype Kawasaki J Three Wheeler EV, the bike screams aggressive design and a 100-percent electric engine.


The Kawasaki J stands out most of all for its ability to change shape according to the driving circumstances. For urban driving, the space between the two front wheels widens and the handlebars are raised. On the open road, in contrast, as the motorcycle approaches top speed, the front wheels come together and the handlebars are lowered, adapting to the rider’s position.


So in a nutshell there’s two modes: Sport Mode and Comfort Mode. Each mode comes with the mentioned riding style and position of the bikes, which adjusts to your preferences. As speed increases, the Kawasaki J also becomes longer and lower. Wanna ride Tron’s motorcycle anyone?


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