Red Bull Freestyle Motocross Heritage Style!


As Red Bull X-Fighters 2014 comes back to Madrid for a record 13th straight year, riders are raring to throw it down at the Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas. In preparation for the June 27 contest at the historic bullring, two of Spain’s own, Dany Torres and Maikel Melero, practiced their Red Bull Freestyle Motocross radical tricks at another historic site, the spectacular Segovia.

Whenever the elite riders of the Red Bull Freestyle Motocross X-Fighters come to Madrid, they look forward to impressive architecture. The Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas, where the event has been held every year since 2002, is Spain’s biggest and most important bullfighting arena – one of the city’s defining landmarks. So it only made sense for Dany Torres and Maikel Melero to warm up for the main contest at another incredible cultural destination: the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Aqueduct and the old town of Segovia.


The mammoth Roman aqueduct, with its 167 arches that have been towering 29 meters in the sky since the first century, created an unforgettable backdrop as the two Spanish riders spurred each other to launch higher and higher with each breathtaking jump.


Their friendly rivalry will turn to serious battle soon as Torres – the 2009 and 2011 Red Bull Freestyle Motocross winner at Madrid, and Melero face off with 10 other top international contenders, flying up to 15 meters high and 30 meters in distance in the latest stop of the world’s most prestigious freestyle motocross event series.

The famed bullring, already sold out to its 23,000-seat capacity, has been transformed with 160 truckloads of dirt, two quarterpipes and five ramps to give the fierce contenders a playground of features to rock their innovative tricks. Overall leader Levi Sherwood of New Zealand and 2013 champion Thomas Pagès of France are also among those who will be vying for bragging rights when the night is finally over.

Pictures Credits: Joerg Mitter, Óscar Carrascosa (Red Bull Freestyle Motocross)

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