Sepang Racing Team Test


Sepang Racing Team Test

March 2015.

Having completed a further three consecutive days of testing at Sepang International Circuit, SIC Racing Team concluded the latest test rides in high spirits.

Happy with bike set-up and feeling more comfortable on his #84 bike, Czech rider Jakub Kornfeil conducted a successful race simulation matching his race pace from last year’s Malaysian Grand Prix.

Following a change to the rear setting of the #63 machine, teammate Zulfahmi Khairuddin took a big step forward knocking nearly a second off his lap time and finding a good base setting.


Johan Stigefelt – Team Manager

“It’s the third and final day of our second test at Sepang and it’s been very good. With Jakub we actually accomplished what we came here for after running through the whole test program. We had time to do a long run today with him and it went very well. Looking at the times from last year’s race, we are competitive and this is what we came here to do. For sure it’s been six days of hard work and trying many things, which is not easy for the rider all the time, but Jakub has really shown that he is a professional rider. He is very good at giving his feedback; he’s very precise with everything, which makes it easy for his crew to work with him. His team have also been working very well and they have learned the bike very quickly, so I’m really happy with that.

Zulfahmi has also made a big step forward today. We can now see the changes we made yesterday evening have helped and his set-up is a lot better. We’re getting him closer to where he should be and he’s feeling more comfortable on the bike. He is more happy and smiling which is great to see. His crew are working very hard too and doing a good job. It takes time but we’re getting closer and closer, so we’re looking forward to the last day and trying some more things.

We now have one day to go which will hopefully complete our preparation and get us ready for Jerez and the season to come. However I can say that we have found two good base settings for both riders and we have made great progress here at Sepang. I must say well done to the whole team for doing a good job.”


#63 Zulfahmi Khairuddin

“We made some changes on the bike and finally we improved quite a lot compared to two days before, so I’m really happy with what we have achieved today. I have been trying many different riding styles to find what suits this bike best and finally after six days on the track I feel we have made a good step forward. We have a good base set-up now and I feel a lot more comfortable on the 2015 KTM machine. After trying many things we have found the right direction and this has helped us to improve a lot. I’m feeling much more positive and I’m very happy to have found this base setting. I look forward to our last test day to see what else we can do. We plan to have a time attack and hopefully we can pick up the pace more and improve our lap time. So far it’s really good with the team and with the set-up of the bike.”

#84 Jakub Kornfeil

“Today was our last main day of testing; we have one more on Thursday but this will be more about trying little things like the start. The plan for today was to try a race simulation and I’m very happy with how this went. When we started the day we still had some more changes to make on the setting of the bike, but we managed to do this very quickly and were able to get straight into the race simulation. The bike today was working very well; I feel so comfortable on it now and I feel prepared for the next test in Jerez. In the race simulation I set a good lap time alone, with nobody in front of me, which I’m very happy with. I had a good pace with consistent lap times, so this is very good that I could improve a lot. The last six days we have been working very hard and it has paid off. All is good and in the end we have found our way. Now we have the basic set-up of the bike and this is what we needed and what we wanted to have at this stage. We are very happy with how the test has gone and what we have achieved today, so we are feeling very positive.”


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