Success for Motul in TT Zero and Senior TT!


The Isle of Man Tourist Trophy week, which finished on 6 June, was a historic moment for Motul as the brand’s involvement was crowned with success. Already in the TT Zero race, reserved for electric motorcycles, the Motul-partnered team won the first two places: ridden by John McGuinness and Bruce Anstey, the Shindens of Team Mugen dominated their contenders. Motul’s satisfaction is all the greater as this motorcycle has been developed in cooperation with the company’s Research & Development division.


The machine of course used Motul coolant and lubricants. Mugen was also chosen by North One Sport, organiser of the TT, to receive the Motul Technical Award 2014. For Motul, success did not stop there. At the event’s major race, the Senior TT, Conor Cummins managed to improve his beginning of the week result by finishing second behind Michael Dunlop, eleven times winner on this circuit, at the end of a particularly fast race. Also part of Honda Racing (formerly TT Legends), John McGuinness bagged a solid sixth place.

‘I knew the pace would be fast,’ commented Cummins, ‘and I really hard to battle it out throughout the six laps. The bike was perfect and the pitstops were exemplary. Thank you to all the team!’

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