The end of illegal bike mods in Singapore?


Is this the end of the road for motorcycle modification enthusiasts in Singapore?

As of 1st of November, more frequent mandatory vehicle inspections will be used to deter bikers caught with illegally modified motorcycle engines or exhausts for second or subsequent times.

If riders are caught with illegally modified parts on their motorcycles, they will be required to bring their bikes for mandatory inspections every six months for a period of two years. A 3rd strike or more will see them sending in their rides for inspections every three months for a period of two years.

According to the Land Transport Authority, non-compliance of the required inspections will lead to fines up to $1,000 or a maximum 3-months jail time. This applies to first time offenders only. The maximum penalty may double if you want to push your luck with further future modifications.

These new ways to further damage bikers’ wallets and welfare are on-top of the existing penalties to illegally modifying their vehicle engines or exhaust systems.

However, some sunshine still manages to penetrate all the haze out there – bikers can choose to legally install aftermarket exhaust systems that are certified to be suitable for their specific motorcycle make and model.

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  1. Vana Reply

    How about thousands of Malaysian bikes that entering Singapore with illegal modifications, dark tint visors which can’t see their face at all and after market exhaust with very very very loud?
    Why no action taken on them, why double standard?
    Who ever in Singapore strictly must follow the rules and regulations.

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