Ducati Sixty2


Ducati Sixty2


SEX Sixty2

Ducati owners all know it. The immense amount of potential to reach levels of intimacy in a way far beyond most other relational interactions, wherever and whenever you take a Ducati out for a spin that is.

More than 20 years have passed since the introduction of the Monster M400 in Singapore in the mid 1990s and now with the 399cc air-cooled Ducati Scrambler Sixty2 made available to the local market, Class 2A riders will once again have the opportunity to experience the Ducati spirit without requiring a extra year of probationary riding and an upgraded license to own one.


Utilising the same platform as its bigger brethren, the Sixty2 shares the same steel trellis frame as with its other 800cc scrambler models but with an added larger 14L steel fuel tank bonus and owners will be further delighted when majority of their fellow compatriots cannot tell small and big scramblers apart. Image plays a big part when you ride a Ducati whether you believe in it or not and the Ducati Scrambler does not falter in this aspect.


The Sixty2’s air-cooled 90-degree V2 powerplant shares the same cases and barrels as the 800 series, but with different bore and stroke dimensions for the reduced displacement. In fact perhaps the only probable tell-tale sign of reduced engine size and performance of the Sixty2 is the slightly smaller 320mm single front brake rotor which is actually more than sufficient for the power that the lighter scrambler puts out.


The Sixty2 is adorned with most of the components and accessories of its larger brothers and it comes at a premium price. But expect that when you want to ride a Ducati. Ferrari owners do.


The only major changes made to the Sixty2 are the lower-spec traditional Showa 41mm suspension with 150mm of travel, mated to a Kayaba rear shock with fully adjustable preload settings. The exhaust system is also different from the other scramblers utilising a single stainless steel muffler and aluminium tail pipe cover.


The Sixty2 has a narrower rear wheel which is an inch smaller than the front wheel (18”) at 17”, both mounted on lightweight alloy 10-spoke rims. A concealed cost saving lies in a different swingarm used on the Sixty2, which is a heavier steel unit compared to the sharper looking and lighter aluminium double-sided swingarm of the 800cc scrambler models.


The 800cc Ducati scrambler variants are never intimidating in the first place and now with the Sixty2, the scrambler series have become instantly accessible to the restricted Singapore license holders a tier down and we believe this scrambler will greatly appeal to even experienced women riders who know that a quality (and extremely premium chic-looking bike in this case) 400cc two-wheeler is all it takes to enjoy motorcycling culture in the city.

Available in exclusive Atomic Tangerine, Ocean Grey and Shining Black colors, there’s a whole lot to like for this fun premium city bike.



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