Honda MSX125


MCAsia takes a first look at Honda’s latest MSX125, a machine that’s bound to cause a stir in the street scene.

Buying your first motorcycle can be quite a daunting task and while many yearned of features mainly associated on bigger models, the smaller ones do pack some punch too. Nevertheless, there was a time (actually still is) when Class
2B machines were treated as either a platform to another stage and teenagers especially, could not wait to get past the probationary 12-month period or as a daily transport commuter.

Nowadays, even big bike owners are looking for something simple, versatile yet fun to ride but more importantly, something that could beat traffic congestion.


So what would be the perfect maiden bike? Something that could do rolling-burnouts in a constrained area or dirt-track through construction zones or perhaps, practice your wheelie skills without cupping any fear of falling hard. You probably think I’m talking about some high-powered stunt machine but unfortunately I’m not, because I am referring to all these doable stunts in reference to Honda’s latest ‘future-of-motorcycling’ bike, the MSX125 (Mini Street Xtreme).


Powering the MSX125 is a 124.9cc displacement with a maximum power output of 7.2Kw @ 7,000rpm. It’s really quite impressive, if you consider the size and stature of the bike. 10.9Nm of torque @ 5,500rpm ensures that the bike provides smooth acceleration in any situation and 5.5L of petrol to use, the MSX125 could probably fetch close to 80km of riding. In addition, the fuel-injected engine, utilising Honda’s famous PGM-FI, has been refined to present not just for torque and power delivery but also for greater economy. According to Honda, the development of the


MSX125 resulted in four patent applications that focus around the split structure tank cover and frame. And like the ‘littlest’ CBR, the bike is equipped with big bike features such as a projector-beam headlight, an LED tail-light and crystal-clear display dash cluster. Sturdiness of the handling department are controlled by a pair of 31mm inverted front forks while the rear revolves around a single shock absorber, in a steel-box section swingarm.

The MSX125 would be the perfect daily commuter with its very versatile, all-round abilities that could combat problems on fuel economy as well as insane traffic conditions. Hence, the MSX125 may be small in size but believe me, its impact is large for just about anyone, especially those seeking their very first maiden machine, will appreciate it. And Honda has done it again!

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