Kymco Downtown 350i


Kymco Downtown 350i

Being the largest scooter manufacturer in Taiwan is no easy feat but Kymco has been the holding that proud record for over a decade. The 5th largest scooter manufacturer has had multiple partnerships with Honda, BMW and Kawasaki over the years and is the epitome of quality scooters that come from Taiwan.

The new Kymco Downtown 350i, heir of the much-appreciated Kymco Downtown 300, comes with many changes that have derived from user feedback. The new Kymco Downtown 350i now sports a more tense and gritty look and has an air intake between two H7 headlights with LED running lights around it, but the main upgrade would be the increased engine displacement.


At the heart of the Kymco Downtown 350i is a single-cylinder fourstroke liquid-cooled engine, which boasts a power increase of about 3 HP compared to the previous version. Cranking out 30 HP at 7,750 rpm and a torque of 34 Nm at 6,500 rpm, the Kymco Downtown 350i is neither a speed demon nor a sloth. The Kymco Downtown 350i has just enough punch to navigate through urban landscapes comfortably. With a claimed fuel consumption of 28km/l, the bike sips petrol slowly while you make your way around town.


The Ride

The Kymco Downtown 350i’s ergonomics have been carefully designed to provide maximum comfort and ease of use. The saddle is plush and perfect for long distance rides. However the inseam is narrow so shorter riders wont face the problem whereby their legs are tippy toed thanks to a wide seat. Even the floorboard has recess around the area that your legs would be when in a stationary position to ensure that the ride height is as low as possible.

Pillion foot pegs have been also added to the new Kymco Downtown 350i to improve passenger comfort. Handling is steady and predictable thanks to the cradle frame chassis reinforced with steel tubing that works in tandem with a 37mm front fork and 5 way adjustable rear shocks.

The 14-inch (120/80) front tyre and 13-inch (150/70) rear tyre allows the scooter to bank through tight corners with ease. With a maximum lean angle of 39 degrees, you will definitely be able to tackle most corners unless you are Marc Marquez or Rossi.

The Equipment

The Bosch 9.1M ABS on the Kymco Downtown 350i is top-of-the-line and can be found in several premium European bike models. At just 0.7kg, this anti-braking system is the smallest and lightest available today. Along with triple-piston floating calipers with double petal discs for the front and rear, braking is consistent, progressive and can bring you to an abrupt halt whenever you need to brake hard and fast. Most people choose scooters because of their ability to carry loads. The Kymco Downtown 350i does not disappoint in this aspect with a more than generous load capacity. The front of the bike has two compartments, one of which has a 12V socket to charge your GPS or electronics on the move, while the under seat compartment can easily store two helmets (one Full-face and one half-face helmet).

Being a sporty touring machine that is ready for your weekend rides, as well as prepared to do business in busy urban environments, the Kymco Downtown 350i makes a very compelling case if you are looking for a middleweight Maxi Scooter that has the right balance between power, handling and comfort.




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