Product Review: S100 Visor & Helmet Cleaner


Some of us might ask, why spend money on a product to clean my visor and helmet when i can easily use soap and water with the same results?

Well, if you spent a good amount of money on your expensive Shoei or Arai helmets, you wouldn’t want to use detergents that might potentially damage your laquer and gaskets while leaving streaks on your visor right?


The guys from WIZE ASIA provided us with a sample of their S100 Visor & Helmet Cleaner to test earlier in the month. However we didn’t get the chance to “dirty” our helmets sufficiently until recently.

Our Shark Speed R PRO Sykes edition that we brought for a few rides on the North South Highway and a track session at Johor Circuit. 


A more close up shot to see how dirty the visor is! 


We simply sprayed on the product and left it to set for awhile. The S100 Visor and helmet is suitable for all types of visor, regardless of whether clear, tinted, mirrored or with anti-fog coating.


We used a microfibre cloth to wipe the dirt/grime/bugs away after that and it easily removed everything. Do note that you should only use a microfibre cloth or your visor might get damaged. 


The final product: a shiny and clear visor without streaks! 


Conclusion: The S100 Visor and Helmet cleaner  is a great product that is extra gentle on your expensive helmets. It easily removes all dirt/grime/bugs from your visor and leaves no streaks after cleaning. You can also use it for other applications like your helmet outer shell,  motorcycle headlight, windscreen and mirrors.


S100 1PP AD 53

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